Sunday, January 17, 2010


On the last Sunday of 2009, the Fallsview Bible Baptist Church had the privilege of seeing 24 new converts baptized. This was the first time that we were able to perform the baptism on church property. The second structure built, after our storehouse, was a baptistry. It was such a blessing for the new converts to see the work going on at our church plot as many had never seen the place before. It was also nice not to have the thought of crocodiles in the back of your mind as had been the case previously when baptizing in the river.

One of those new converts baptized was a man named Trevor Rabson. He is one of the builders we hired to supervise the building of our church. He and his wife, both Zimbabweans, have been attending church for the last 6 weeks since receiving Christ. He also helped us construct the new baptisty. During that project, he expressed his desire to be the first convert baptized in the new structure. It was our privilege to fulfill his desire of being baptized and to see him be the first to be “raised to walk in newness of life” at the future home of Fallsview Bible Baptist Church

We have now baptized 60 adult converts into our church since its inception in June 2007 with 50 of them taking that first step of obedience over the last 9 months since our return from furlough! Praise God that His work is marching on.

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