Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 2014 Prayer Letter with additional pictures

Pastor Chris and Bro. Decision preaching in a village school.
2 Guys from NJ
Pastor Chris preaching at Fallsview Bible Baptist Church

Dear Praying Friends,

                Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us and our work here in Zambia. The LORD has greatly blessed His work in Africa! One of the greatest blessings to us over the last couple of months was a visit from my friend and sending church pastor, Chris Teis. We were greatly blessed by his time and work here. Accompanying him on the trip was Bro. Andrew Garcia, a Christian filmmaker, who is planning to make a short documentary on how God brought Elijah into our lives. The film will appropriately be called Elijah and should be released toward the end of the summer. During their time in Zambia, they shot video and conducted interviews for this film project. We are excited for this film and believe it will be greatly used to bring glory to the LORD! Here is a link to some of the scenic footage Andrew captured during the trip.

                We were also able to do some preaching in a new village area during their trip to Zambia. We spent the night in the bush and preached to several gathered in the village of Nsalali. There were between 30 and 40 who made a profession of faith in Christ and showed interest in seeing a church started in their area. Please pray for us (and specifically for Bro. Decision Siampondo) as we continue to work in this area for the cause of Christ. In addition, this village area has 5 schools that have welcomed us to teach and preach the Bible weekly in the schools. Bro. Decision makes the 40-mile circuit each week on his bicycle. I am praising the LORD for Bro. Decision’s dedication to the work of Christ! 

                During Pastor Chris’ visit, he encouraged us in the starting of a one-on-one discipleship program at the Fallsview Bible Baptist Church. I have already started with one man in our church and am training 5 or 6 of our church leaders to be able to do the same with others. Please keep this exciting and needful ministry in your prayers.

                Finally, we would like to give sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Broadway Baptist Church in Muskegon, Michigan, for their generous love offering, which they gave toward our building project. We are set to begin this week with making some progress on our building. We will do the roofing on the “classroom section” of our church building. Thank you, Broadway Baptist, for helping to push the work of Christ forward in Livingstone!

                Let me also take time to let you know how much we appreciate your kind thoughts, cards, and expressions of love during Preetika’s birthday and our 11th anniversary. You encourage us more than you know!