Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 2013 Update

The last couple of months have been exciting times in the life of our ministry. In May, we opened our Bible Institute with 5 men enrolled. We look forward to this ministry being used of the LORD to train Africans believers to serve the LORD and plant churches. Already we have seen several of the students win their first souls to Christ as well as each make preparation to begin a home Bible Study in some of the areas of Livingstone where our church reaches. Please pray for these students as they learn and grow in Christ that they will be faithful and willing to sacrifice in the necessary areas to serve Him.

                We also recently celebrated our 5 Year Church Anniversary at Fallsview Bible Baptist Church! We were able to reach our second-highest attendance including 61 first-time adult and teen-age visitors with 13 making a profession of faith in Christ. Pray for many more of those who visited our service to be saved during the follow-up visits.

                One final aspect of our ministry that I would ask you to keep in prayer is a new opportunity that the LORD seems to be presenting to us. Over the last several weeks, I have been in contact with Pastor Darrell Hurst of Williamsburg, KY, one of our supporting pastors, about an opportunity to train some willing men in Zimbabwe. Though the border for Zimbabwe is not very far from our town, I had never been across the border until recently. As many of you may have heard through the international news, over recent years it has been both politically and economically unstable in Zimbabwe. During that time, we have met numerous Zimbabweans who have crossed the border to look for work in Zambia. Some of those have come to trust Christ and are serving the LORD together with us in the Fallsview Bible Baptist Church. In fact one of those Zimbabwean believers is enrolled in our newly started Institute. Please pray that the LORD will open obvious doors in Zimbabwe and that He will give us wisdom concerning this venture.
                Thank you as always for your faithful prayers for our family and ministry. I hope you realize how vital those prayers are to our continued mission here. It truly would be impossible without you bringing us before the LORD constantly! Keep it up!
Men Enrolled in the Bible Institute

Our Adoption Story

Here is our recently produced Adoption Tract. We have given many of these out around the world including to George W. Bush on his recent trip to Zambia.