Saturday, March 30, 2013

Warners' Ministry Video

Warners' Zambia Video 2012/13

Click on the link to see a ten-minute video about our life and ministry in Zambia.

Friday, March 8, 2013

February 2013 Prayer Letter

           What a blessing these past few months have been for us while on furlough! We have greatly enjoyed seeing our family and watching them meet and get to know Elijah a little bit. Our family has also been blessed to see many friends and partners in the ministry during our times in America. Each church has been blessed by being able to meet Elijah. In fact, one of our supporting churches that I visited when Elijah was sick kindly requested—okay, demanded—that we come again when Elijah was better. We gladly did so and have been encouraged by the many praying friends in churches all around the country who have told us how much they asked the LORD to help us during Elijah's adoption process. Elijah has also enjoyed America. Though often intimidated as we enter a new and, in his view, big church, he soon settles in and loves meeting people, especially the children! Many kids across the country have been on the receiving end of an "Elijah hug." Thanks to all who have made Elijah and us feel so welcomed during our time in the States.

            While we have been in the U.S., the work of the LORD has continued in Zambia. Recently during a couple of special soul-winning days, our church people saw a total of 65 people trust Christ in the neighborhood around our church! Also, we have finally gotten our big church vehicle repaired after months of being off the road. It can once again be used to bring people to church where they can hear the Gospel. Please keep praying for our vehicles, as the Zambian roads really take their toll on them.

  We will be returning to Zambia on April 1. Upon our return, we are prayerfully planning to open a Bible institute in May. Several of the faithful believers are excited about enrolling. In addition, we want to continue the building program at our Livingstone church. We would be grateful if you could make this project a matter of prayer, as we look forward to seeing these future structures being used as tools to preach and teach the Word of God.

          Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for us. We are honored to be your ambassadors for Christ in Zambia.