Monday, October 18, 2010

Nancy's Testimony

My name is Nancy Kalonga. My full name is Malo-Malo,Twaambo, Nancy. I live in Livingstone, Zambia. Before I came to this city, I used to live in Magoye District -- Mazabuka. I stayed in this village for 8 years. That time my Mother and Father were still alive.

Mother was a Christian, but Dad was a non-believer. My Mother was a good woman in the sense that she helped me out to do the work of God. But at my age, I thought salvation was about my works. This made me join any church and believe any thing I heard from the preaching. I used to buy sweets with the offering money Mum used to give me. I never believed in giving or going to visit people who were sick.

In 2002 January 20, my Mother died and left me with the sister to her grandmother. With this new life I had it was very difficult for me to live with her, because I had to work like a slave doing works that my fellow children were not allowed to do, because the works were very difficult for little children like a 9-year-old.

In this family I had no say, neither freedom of movement, but all those things did not stop me from believing that I will go to heaven, because of my works. Grandmother did not believe in God but in ancestors and using charms {connected with witchcraft} for anything she desired. To me it was hard since no one used to worship God, and to me since I had a Dad it was still hard because Dad had married another wife with whom he had three children. He boasted around with them, passing by my grandmother’s house and showing me and making me hurt. I was even asking myself why I was born and why did God take my mother away from me. But with God, I guess He did not want it like that, and all my Dad’s three children died in the same month and his wife divorced him. Surprisingly my stepmother was the best friend to my Mom and this use to make her very sick when she thought about it in time when she was alive. Dad tried so many ways to continue denying me, but I resembled Dad’s face, color, and the way of talking. A miracle happened! Dad accepted me as his child at the age of 12 years and bought me school requirements. The same year just after six months accepted me as his daughter, he died.

I was left alone still not knowing the truth about God and still alone, no family, but only anyone was my brother and sister. I did my best also to be good to my grandmother (actually a great-aunt), but she did not seem to appreciate that. She only cared about her real granddaughter, Rachel.
They changed my name to Kalonga, thinking that when I get married they will not get the dowry (money) unless I carried their name.
In 2007 I was taken by the brother to Mum, Mr. Richard in order for him to help me with school. He managed to sponsor me from Grade 7 until half of the Grade 8. I started attending class but I used to be allowed to learn maybe three times a week. The teachers would chase me from school, because my school fees were not completely paid. Once again a miracle happened, the guidance teacher, called me and he asked me some questions which touched my life made me cry on explaining. He called people from USA who used to sponsor people who were most vulnerable (orphans) in both urban and rural areas.
These people only wanted 10 pupils out of 350 pupils. I was one of the ones chosen, and they told me that they will pay my fees for school. They helped me until Grade 9. They paid my exam fees which I had to take after Grade 9, and God helped me qualify for the next grade in school.

Before I wrote my exams I met Pastor Justin Warner and his wife, Mum Preetika Warner preaching the gospel to people at our area and inviting them to church, but for me and my family we used to run away from them. We called them names and looked to them as just wasting our time. Especially the people I used to stay with, they discouraged me a lot and made sure that I got convinced that the Pastor was telling lies. I used to hide the gospel tracts because I believed that when I looked at them or read them I would vomit blood.
At the end of all this I began to remember - my belief about good works taking me to heaven. I started greeting the people from church, and I promised them that I will attend the church bible study.
Sunday afternoon they came to pick me up that day that I decided to visit. The thing that happened was I had to write the number plate of the vehicle and give the number to my uncle with my neighbors because I was afraid that they might not bring me back home. The church were friendly and I felt more comfortable than at home. I heard the preaching and also the truth that I did not know for a long time. I couldn’t wait to join them, I had no doubt in my heart when the service was ended. They invited me to a big service on Sunday morning. When I reached home I told my family all about God and a little information about the church but they did not believe me.

Sunday morning came, and I made sure that I could be the first one to reach church so I could be the first one waiting for the people and get to know other people there. That day I received the love of God and I was saved.
I felt good to be a member of my own church for the pastor’s preachings are all from the Bible. This was also the day I held the Bible in my hand for the first time. I thank God and want God to continue sending Bibles and people to preach the Gospel in my town.
I thank God for blessing me with Pastor Justin and Mum Preetika. For they help me with my school and treat me as their own daughter, I had no hope of going to school but now I know that God loves me very much. He has given me all the joy, love and peace; and has protected me from sickness and death. May the Lord be with all the people in the States. I can’t write it all because the Lord has done a lot which I cannot even list. I hope you will get to know how the Lord has blessed me.

And I noticed that without the pastor and his wife I would have been a person who has no home and know nothing of the love of God. I thank my pastor with all my heart and let them continue to be a blessing as they receive your blessing,

God bless you all,

Nancy Kalonga Psalm 23v1