Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 2010 Prayerletter

March 2010

Dear Praying Friends,

In Job 1:21 we find the words, “…the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” The verse could very well have been the motto for our life and work in Zambia over the past few months.

During this rainy season, the rains were coming, and then they weren’t. For about a month, we did not see even a drop of rain, and there were talks of a drought and famine. Over the last week, the LORD has sent the rain again . . . in buckets! This is a relief and blessing to most in Zambia and is well worth the inconvenience it poses to the work of the ministry. In fact, Sunday, the 21st of February, was the first time this season we have had rain falling during the time when people are on their way (nearly all walking, of course) to church. We were extremely encouraged with our attendance that day. We had just under 115 that day, with one visitor braving the elements to be with us. Though this is a relatively small group compared to most Sundays lately, it is still a good picture of the growth of the Fallsview Bible Baptist Church, both in numbers and in their commitment of faithfulness to the Lord. I was taught in Bible college that you can see the growth of your church not in the high days but in the low days. On our first anniversary in June 2009, we had a goal to break our record for attendance up to that time. We prayed for 100 people to come to church that day. We have seen very few weeks since then—and none so far in 2010—where we have had less than 100 people in church on Sunday. Thank God that even the rains could not hinder people from coming to hear God’s Word!

Many of you know and have been praying about our need for a larger vehicle in our “bus ministry.” A special thanks to those who have sacrificed and given toward the project. We have had a vehicle in mind . . . twice . . . and even started the process of getting the vehicle into our name, only to have the deal fall through at the last minute. It seems that all the vehicles in our price range are not up to the mechanical standard we need them to be, and all those in good running condition are out of our price range. I am sure we are not the only church ever to face such an issue. We are confident that each time the deals fall through, the Lord has something better in store for us. Please continue to pray along those lines for our vehicle need.

Finally, thanks to all who have been praying for Pastor Kebby this last month. In accordance with the verse at the top of this letter, we thought we were looking at our Zambian preacher on his deathbed, but the LORD has graciously given Pastor Kebby more days to live and serve Him. We took no pictures of him during those days he was in the hospital out of concern for offending others, but how I wish you (and Pastor Kebby himself) could see what a change God has wrought in his body. Outside of a few scars that are shrinking every day, there is little evidence of the brutal attack he suffered. His stamina is returning, and he is back to teaching and preaching in the ministry. Our plan is to search for the “Good Samaritan” who found him and took him to the hospital and invite this man to be a special guest in our church. Just as the Lord used him to give Pastor Kebby a chance at life, we are trusting the Lord to allow Pastor Kebby to present this man with a chance to accept Christ’s gift of eternal life. Please pray for this man whose name we do not yet know. Lord willing, we will have good news concerning him in our next update.

Also, please be aware of the change in mailing address for FBMI, our mission agency. The new address is 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320.

In His service,

Justin Warner