Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 2014 Prayer Letter

Thank you to all who have been praying for Preetika during these last few months. God has been good to us. After counseling with our sending pastor as well as several doctors, we have decided our next step is to return to the States to seek further treatment and a diagnosis. The response of the people here in Zambia has been encouraging, and we believe the ministry will continue forward for the cause of Christ in our absence. 

 Pastor Chris Teis, our sending pastor, set up a fundraising campaign to help us meet the expense of traveling to America as well as some additional needs (both medical and ministry). We have been blessed by the outpouring of love and help in response to our need.

 I also want to update you on our recent trip to into Zimbabwe. We were blessed to have Pastor Darrell Hurst and Bro. Donnie Foley from New Zion Baptist Church, as well as Bro. Jeremy Snipes, Taigen Gonzalez, and Charles Newton from Hyles-Anderson College.
They were used of the LORD to greatly encourage the believers in Zambia before heading across the border to Zimbabwe. Bro Snipes and Pastor Hurst had a great impact through their preaching from God's Word. Scores of Zimbabweans made decisions to trust Christ, to win others to him, to plant churches, to cling truly to God's Word, and to disciple others to follow Christ. The three younger men of our team were also a personal blessing to me. Additionally, they were an inspiration to African Youth in both countries during their stay. Our young people were motivated by seeing men near their same age serving the LORD!

 Thanks to all who had been praying for our trip to Zimbabwe. The LORD gave us a better reception than we could have hoped for. God was very evidently involved in bringing this meeting together. One man in particular was instrumental in the conference taking place.  Leonard Mlotshwa had left Zimbabwe for the UK 10 years ago. The LORD had laid it on his heart to find someone who would go to Zimbabwe and help train some believers in his home country. After approaching several people over the years, God finally lead him to cross paths with Pastor Hurst about a year and a half ago.
That meeting lead to this conference in June. As Bro. Leonard planned to make the international trip for the conference, he became sick and it seemed that he may have to miss the conference he had been so looking forward to. Though he grew weaker, he was able to travel to Zimbabwe. When he greeted people at the conference,
he said that he was so glad to be home in Africa - especially to see his 10-year dream come to pass. Little did we know that 2 weeks after the end of the conference, he would leave his home on earth to go Home with the LORD in Heaven. Bro. Leonard had finished his course and possibly his "for such a time as this" moment. I am thankful to have met this man and grateful for his part in directing my eyes and heart
toward the needy and open field of Zimbabwe!